martedì 2 ottobre 2012

Napoleonic germans/Tedeschi napoleonici

This is the first effort IlVJ did in Napoleonic wargaming. Since at the West Tokyo Wargamers they are playing a lot of napoleonic period Black Powder, he decided to paint a couple of batallions to join the fight/Questo è il primo sforzo del IlVJ nel wargame napoleonico. Siccome al West Tokyo Wargamers stanno giocando parecchio al napoleonico con Black Powder, ha deciso di dipingere un paio di battaglioni per buttarsi nella mischia anche lui.

 Bavarian officer/Ufficiale bavarese. 25mm, Front rank, panted by IlVJ

 Bavarian infantry/Fanteria bavarese. 25mm, Hat Industries, painted by IlVJ

Prussian infantry/Fanteria prussiana. 25mm, Prince August, painted by IlVJ

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  1. Thank you actually beside the Prussians, everything else was achieved thanks to the Miracle Dip! awesome and fast way to paint figures! thanks for the compliments.


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