martedì 26 novembre 2013

Warhammer 40,000 Orks/Orki di Warhammer 40,000

Lately I started to gather all my half painted models and try to order and finish them, or at leas a part. I found myself surrounded by a lot of goblinoids, fantasy, 40K, Blood Bowl, etc, orcs and  goblins seem to be everywhere, and so I was cought in a sort of goblinoid painting frenzy. For the next few weeks that's what you'll be seeing/Ultimamente ho cominciato a radunare tutti i modelli mezzi dipinti che ho in giro per provare a finirli tutti, o almeno una buona parte. Mi son trovato circondato da parecchi goblinoidi, fantasy, 40K, Blood Bowl, ecc, orchi e goblin dappertutto, e così mi son trovato in una specie di frenesia di pittura orchesca. Nei prossimi post vedrete principalmente questo.

These are the dreaded Afrika Orks, led by the mek Erwinn Orkmmell, alsop known as "the desert squig"/Questi sono i temibili Arfika Orks, guidati dal mekkanico Erwinn Orkmmell, noto come "lo squig del deserto".

Blood Axe mekaniak/Mekkanico delle Ascie Rotze. 28mm, Citadel, painted by Ginzio

The Afrika Orks/Gli Afrika Orks

Wartrack and Skorcha of the Blood Axe clan/Zemicingolato e Zputafiamme delle Asce Rotze. 28mm, Citadel, painted by Ginzio

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