martedì 16 dicembre 2014


This is my latest DBA army. I was challenged by a friend at the games club to paint it in a week. Since it is dipped it didn't take me too long to do it all. I even did the decorations on the cloaks that are typical of the Thracians/Questo è il mio ultimo esercito di DBA. Ricevetti una sfida da un amico in associazione per finirlo in una settimana. Siccome l'ho dippato non ci ho messo molto. Ho anche avuto tempo di decorare i mantelli che sono tipicamente traci.

Thracian army/Esercito trace. 1/72, Hat Industries and Zvezda, painted by Ginzio

General cavalry/Cavalleria del generale. 1/72, Zvezda, painted by Ginzio

Auxilia infantry/Fanteria ausiliaria. 1/72, Hat Industries, painted by Ginzio

Skirmishers/Schermagliatori. 1/72, Zvezda, painted by Ginzio

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  1. Great looking DBA army, colored and beautiful...

  2. Thanks a lot to everyone, once in a while it's nice to be challenged and produce a nice little DBA army in less than a week.
    Now I only have to use it again, it only took the field once.


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