martedì 20 gennaio 2015

PRG characters/Personaggi per GDR

These are some more figures IlVJ painted for D&D and rpgs in general. As usual, he likes very old stuff, from Grenadier, Archive, Ral Partha and Heritage miniatures.
Queste sono alcune miniature che IlVJ ha dipinto per D&D e giochi di ruolo vari. Come sempre le sue favorite sono miniature Grenadier, Archive, Heritage, Ral Partha, ecc

Human fighter/Guerriero umano. 28mm, Ral Partha, painted by IlVJ

Halfling fighter/Guerriero halfling. 28mm, Heritage, painted by IlVJ

Musketeer/Moschettiere. 28mm, unknown manufacturer, painted by IlVJ

 Peasant king/Re dei villici. 28mm, Citadel, painted by IlVJ

 Thief/Ladro. 28mm, Heritage, painted by IlVJ

 Ral Partha the wizard. The PC this miniature is based on is the one who gave the name to the miniatures company/Ral Partha il mago. Il PG a cui questa miniatura si ispira è quello che ha dato il nome alla ditta di miniature omonima. 28mm, Ral Partha, painted by IlVJ

Magic users/Maghi. 28mm, Heritage, painted by IlVJ

Zodak from the Masters of the Universe/Zodak dei Masters of the Universe. 28mm, Grenadier, painted by IlVJ

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  1. Very nice! I really like the mage casting the "red hot pepper and banana spell!!"

    It makes you slip and fall in-place and severely burns your eyes.

  2. Zodak! It was you who painted this! I love it!


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