mercoledì 5 agosto 2015

Bonus mini post/Mini post bonus

This is just a piece of terrain I just finished, I used a dead bonsai to make a swamp tree, I think it just looks terrific. Dead bonsai are the best looking trees you can find

Questo è un elemento scenico che ho appena finito, ho usato un bonsai morto per fare un albero da palude, penso che sia venuto molto bene. I bonsai morti sono gli alberi più realistici che si possano trovare.

Dead marsh tree/Albero morto con palude. 28mm, painted by Ginzio

5 commenti:

  1. Looks cool, but where would you get hold of "dead" bonsai? I suppose you could buy one's that are still alive & starve the bastard's to death?

    1. Also, how would you keep them preserved? Would they eventually fall to bit's, being organic, or do they just stay that way indefinitely?


    2. I am not a bonsai expert, but I have a dead one at home till 3 years...and it's always the same. No degadation issue or something like this.

      Ginzio...I think I will copy your idea, as soon as possible!

      Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Molto d'effetto... Lo hai trattato in qualche modo o lo hai semplicemente attaccato?

  3. I wouldn't know how to starve one to death, but I think anyone who is not an expert and gets a bonsai will eventually have a dead one. This particular one has been lying around for about ten years and didn't deteriorate until now, so i'm confident it will keep as it is.
    I also have another dead bonsai and I'll use it in the same way as this one, I hope it won't take me another ten years to make it.


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