domenica 31 dicembre 2017

Imperials Wolfbanes/Wolfbanes Imperials

Some Imperials troops. Since I already have a painted unit of these guys and another hero that I will paint soon, I decided to paint them in greys, to make them part of Baker's Brawlers, a pack described on the Casualties of War supplement.

Alcune truppe Imperials.
Siccoe ho gia' un'unita' di reclute dipinta ed un altro eroe da dipingere, ho deciso di farli grig, appartenenti al branco dei Baker's Brawlers, come descritto nel manuale Vittime di Guerra.

 Wolfbairns/Reclute dei lupi. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

 Wolfbane hero/Eroe dei Wolfbane. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

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