sabato 1 dicembre 2018

More Battletech 3D printed vehicles/Altri veicoli di Battletech stampati in 3D

A lance and a half of Draconis Combine tanks, they will join my mech lance in the same colour scheme.

Una lancia e mezzo di carri della Draconis Combine, si uniranno alla mia lancia di mech della stessa livrea.

Manticore, Bulldog and Demolisher tanks of the Draconis Combine/Manticore, Bulldog e Demolisher tanks della Draconis Combine. 1/285, 3D printed, painted by Ginzio

2 commenti:

  1. They look great, wouldn't have noticed they're from the printer!

  2. Yes, I was quite impressed, these models lood really good once painted and you can barely tell they are 3D printed. I think the printing is trickier for mechs, may tanks and vehicles have more simple shapes that work really well and paint up nicely


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