giovedì 20 marzo 2008

DBR Savoy Army Cavalry & Infantry/Esercito Savoia Cavalleria e Fanteria

Piemonte Reale cavalry regiment/Reggimento Piemonte Reale di cavalleria 15mm Venexia miniatures. Painted by ILVJ

Grenadiers/Granatieri 15mm Venexia Miniatures. Painted by ILVJ

Vaudois Regiment/Reggimento Valdese 15mm Venexia Miniatures. painted by ILVJ (this regiment was made of christian protestants living in the valleys close to France that fleed on the mountains during the religious wars in France, these communities are still living in the mountains and speak a dialect mixing French and Italian, for more information check the Val Germanasca community on the web)

Monferrato Regiment/Reggimento Monferrato 15mm Venexia miniatures. painted by ILVJ. (Monferrato is an area of Piedmont famous for its wines)

Chablais Regiment/Reggimento Chiablese 15mm Venexia Miniatures. Painted by ILVJ

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