venerdì 28 marzo 2008

USA Army Part 2/Esercito Americano Parte 2

Willys Jeeps 1/72 Scale Hasegawa Airfix and Fujimi. Painted by ILVJ

Classic Half-Trucks 1/72 Scale Hasegawa. Painted by ILVJ

American Trucks/Camion Americani 1/72 Scale Hasegawa. Painted by ILVJ

Classic Sherman Tank/Sherman Classico 1/72 Hasegawa. (in reality the scale should be 1/80 since compared to other manufacturer this one is giant.) Painted by ILVJ

M 36 Tank Hunter/Caccia Carri M36 1/76 Scale Fujimi. Painted by ILVJ

Tank Hunter M10/Caccia Carri M10 1/72 Scale Armourfast. Painted by ILVJ
M8 Armoured Car/Autoblind M8 1/72 Italeri. painted by ILVJ
M7 Priest/Cannone Semovente M7 Priest 1/76 Matchbox. Painted by ILVJ
Long Tom Heavy Artillery/Long Tom Artiglieria pesante 1/72 Hasegawa. Painted by ILVJ

Sherman Crab/Sherman dragamine 1/72 Airfix. Painted and converted by ILVJ.

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