mercoledì 2 aprile 2008

Various Stuff

Fire Department Guy/Paompiere. This SPECIAL miniature has been one of ILVJ and Gionzio's toys so it is about 30 years old and has always been laying around, we like to think he is a part of our collection, he should be 1/72 scale.

Mayumi's Cows/Mucche di Mayumi 1/72&Ho scale. Painted by ILVJ (my wife loves cows so this was especially painted for her)

Roman Legionary/Legionario Romano 25MM Warriors Miniatures. Painted by ILVJ (second experiment with the Dipping)

100YearWar French Knight/Cavaliere Francese Guerra dei 100 Anni 1/32 Italeri. Painted by ILVJ
Hunting Dogs/Cani da Caccia 28MM Ral Partha. Painted by ILVJ (They are my first experiment with the Dipping technique)

News Man/Uomo Giornale 28MM Foundry Miniatures. Painted by Dave Perry. (Dave was kind enough to present me with one of his masterworks! Thanx mate)

Future Car/Macchina del Fituro Cryomek 28MM. Painted by ILVJ

Bear/Orso Foundry Miniatures 28MM. Painted by ILVJ
Banana Republic Police/Polizia della Repubblica delle Banane. 1/72 Esci Figures, Airfix Tank and Heller Armoured Car. Painted by ILVJ

Abrams Tank/Carro armato Abrams 1/72 Esci. Painted by ILVJ

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