lunedì 28 aprile 2008

Various Warhammer Chaos/Varie del Caos di Warhammer

Chaos Spawn 28mm, Citadel and other manufacturer, converted and painted by Ginzio

Slanesh Dark Elves oh horse/Cavalieri elfi oscuri di Slaanesh. 28mm, Citadel and Marauder, painted by Ginzio

Beastmen chariot/Carro degli uomini bestia. 28mm, Citadel, painted by ILVJ

Minotaurs/Minotauri. Citadel and Grenadier, 28mm, painted by Ginzio.

Chaos Dwarfs Swivel Guns/Colubrine dei Nani del Chaos. 28mm, Citadel, painted by Ginzio

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