mercoledì 30 settembre 2009

More DBR St. John Knights/Altri cavalieri di San Giovanni per DBR

This is the last post about the Saint John Knights Order army for DBR. Some figures have already been posted, but now the units have been finished and organized/Questo è l'ultimo post dell'esercito di Cavalieri dell'ordine di San Giovanni per DBR. Alcuni pezzi erano già stati postati, ma ora le nità sono state completate e riorganizate in modo definitivo.

Brother knights with general/Confratelli con generale. 15mm, Essex, Venexia, Minifigs, painted by IlVJ and Garner

Serjeants alabardiers with general/Sergenti alabardieri con generale. 15mm, Essex, painted by IlVJ and Ginzio

Arquebusiers and pikemen arrayed for battle/Archigugeri e picchieri schierati per la battaglia. 15mm, Old glory (Rank and file miniatures) and Venexia, painted by IlVJ

Mercenary arquebusiers/Archibugeri mercenari. 15mm, Old glory (Rank and file miniatures), painted by IlVJ and Ginzio

Mercenary crossbowmen/Balestrieri mercenari. 15mm, Essex, painted by IlVJ and Ginzio

Turcopoles/Turcopoli. 15mm, Essex, painted by IlVJ

Skirmishers/Schermagliatori. 15mm, Mirlinton and Essex, painted by IlVJ

Badly armed maltese hordes/Orde maltesi mal equipaggiate. 15mm, Venexia, Essex, Alain Turrier figurines and Baueda, painted by IlVJ

Artillery/Artiglieria. 15mm, Corvus Belli, Mirlinton and Minifigs, painted by IlVJ

Baggage camp/Campo e vettovaglie. 15mm, Baueda and Alain Tourrier figurines, painted by IlVJ

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