martedì 8 settembre 2009

More Warhammer 40K Orks/Aggiornamento Orki di Warhammer 40K

Recently I've been thinking to start to play orks again, so I'm completing some models I left half painted for two or three years. This is the result/Ultimamente stavo meditando di ricominciare a giocare con gli orki, quindi sto finendo dei pezzi che erano mezzi dipinti da due o tre anni. Questo è il risultato.

Snakebite weirdboy with minderz/Weirdboy degli snakebite con i suoi gorilla. 28mm, Citadel and Grenadier, painted by Ginzio

Goff bigmek with shokk attak gun/Bigmek dei Goff con Shokk attak gun. 28mm, Citadel, painted by Ginzio

Ork nob on super-cyboar of the Snakebite clan/Capo orko su super-cyboar del clan degli Snakebite. 28mm, Citadel, painted by Ginzio

Ork Space marine tinbot painted as a Blood Angel/Tinbot space marine degli orki dipinto come gli angeli sanguinari. 28mm, Citadel, painted by Ginzio

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  1. Excellent paint jobs on those orks! The sculpts are far better than the newer style ones!

  2. I agree!!!80ies figure are the best!! they had more character.


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