giovedì 11 luglio 2019

Battletech vehicle/Veicolo di Battletech

So, I am done moving and I managed to find a table on which to set the painting station, all I need is to start producing something and posting again.
In the meantime I realized I still had a painted figure I had not taken a photo of and so I can scrap a little post.
This is a miniature one of the guys of the friday night games gave me, it is part of a set of two, a vehicle and a mech, which are supposed to be the a convertible machine.
I found something that looked similar to each of them in a TRO and decided to use them as very good proxies.
The vehicle is done, the mech will hopefully be done soon.

Schiltron of the Draconis Combine/Schiltron della Draconis Combine. 6mm, Dream Pod 9, painted by Ginzio

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