domenica 19 maggio 2024

World War two 1/35 Italian Self-Propelled Gun Semovente M40

 This is a 1/35 scale Tamiya model that our friend James made many years ago and ended up giving to my brother a while back.

Last time I went to visit them in Japan, I ended up with it somehow and recently proceeded to try a restoration.

Some parts had come loose or broken, so I had to try and reassemble what I could and paint over its original single coat of sand colour to cover the imperfections that were visible.

The decals were covered in this process and I realized I didn't have anything in this scale to replace them, so I decided to go for a heavy weathering (it was also a good opportunity to try sponge chipping) and leave it without marking, save a single serial number in the front.

The idea is to use it as an objective marker or piece of terrain for Warzone. Warzone figures are quite big, so the tank is not too big and is quite appropriate with the aesthetic of that game.

Italian Self-Propelled Gun Semovente M40. 1/35 Tamiya, painted by Ginzio

domenica 12 maggio 2024

WWII British 8th army reinforcements

 These are a few models I added to the British 8th army I've been collecting over the years.

Bofors AA gun with tractor. 1/76, Airfix, painted by Ginzio

8th army rifleman. 1/72, Esci, painted by Ginzio

SAS jeep. 1/72, unknown manufacturer with Hat driver, painted by Ginzio

domenica 5 maggio 2024

WW2 Soviet infantry platoon

 These are all the Soviet infantry models in 1/72 scale I had left, now the only thing I have to do is a bunch of tank riders, then all the Russians I have will be done.

I might end up adding something in the far future, but for now that's all.

Commanders. 1/72, Airfix and Esci, painted by Ginzio

Cossack scout unit. 1/72, Esci and Atlantic, painted by Ginzio

Riflemen. 1/72, Airfix and Esci, painted by Ginzio

SMG assault infantry. 1/72, Airfix and Esci, painted by Ginzio

Maxim HMGs and a single LMG team. 1/72, Airfix and Esci, painted by Ginzio

Mortars. 1/72, Airfix and Esci, painted by Ginzio

The deployed complete platoon


sabato 27 aprile 2024

Something unusual

 This week I have a weird model for you, a Japanese ghost that I got during one of the very first trips to Japan, over 15 years ago.

It sat unpainted on a shelf for a very log time, I finally decided to rectify the situation and gave it a few coats of paint.

Now it will go back on a shelf, but with some colours on it.

Japanese ghost. No scale, unknown manufacturer, painted by Ginzio

sabato 20 aprile 2024

Warzone Brotherhood elite troops

 These are the last Brotherhood troops I had to paint, now I have a small, but usable force, with a little bit of options for list composition.

Sacred warriors. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

Valkyries. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

domenica 14 aprile 2024

Dark Angel captain

 This model is one of the 6 MK VII armour Space marines captains that were released in 1990, it is a super classic and, even if my paint job doesn't make it justice, I'm happy to have it in my collection.

I still have the Space Wolves one to paint and then I will have all six done.

Dark Angel captain. 28mm, Citadel Miniatures, painted by Ginzio

domenica 7 aprile 2024

Battletech Comstar mechs

 I am slowly completing forces for the different factions of Battletech I have.

This is the turn of Comstar/Word of Blake, I had a few mechs painted the classic white of the militia, but I wanted to complete the level II of 6 mechs.

Since Comstar is known to still have functioning old tech, I included a couple of LAM mechs and other classic mechs that would have been kept in good state of repair over the centuries.

Battlemaster, Stinger LAM, Atlas and Thorn of the Comstar militia. 1/286, Ral Partha, painted by Ginzio

Comstar level II command

domenica 31 marzo 2024

Warzone Dark Eden tribe, Crescentians

 I always had a weird fascination for the Earth Tribes, I got in to Warzone towards the end of Second Edition and models were not readily available at the time, even more so the Earth tribes ones.

Last year during a visit to the Sentry Box in Calgary, I found out they still had a bunch of Warzone figures, so I proceeded to get as many as I could and it turned out that most of them were Earth Tribes models.

The Crescentians were the tribe I manage to get almost everything of, I will only need a Prophet and 3 Martyrs to have one unit or character per type, but I am pretty satisfied with what I found.

I started painting these models just over a month ago and it turned out that they are very intricate sculpts with a ton of details, so it took me quite long to complete them, but here they are and I am really happy to have completed them, not I only have to find an excuse to field them in a game or two.

Crescentian tribe ready to take on any opponent.

The brotherhood, the backbone of the Crescentian forces. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

Jihad Infantry, elite forces of the tribe. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

Khan's guard, close combat specialists. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

The Lamented, fire support unit. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

domenica 24 marzo 2024

Few random Warzone models

 This week just a few Warzone models that I recently painted.

I am currently working on the Earth tribes, specifically the Crescentians, but since they are very intricate models with lots of details, I needed a break and I painted something simpler.

Undead legionnaire, crew of a Unholy Carronade. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

Brotherhood Mortificators. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio, the purple one was painted about 6 years ago, the other two were acquired later and finally I have a small unit to field.

domenica 17 marzo 2024

Battletech is back

In my effort to finish painting all the Battletech miniatures I accumulated over the past few years, here are 2 more mechs I just finished.

They will complete a lance of Draconis Combine 4th Arkab Legion I started a couple of years back (or more). I think these might be the very last Draconis Combine mechs I had to paint, the force is pretty huge by now and I doubt I will ever need more mechs for the DCMS.

Commando and Wasp of the 4yh Arkab Legion, in service to the dragon. 1/285, Ral Partha, painted by Ginzio

Lance of the 4th Arkab Legion