domenica 28 gennaio 2024

A couple more characters of Slaanesh

 This week I have two more models for the forces of Slaanesh for Warhammer. Our Warhammer warbands campaign just concluded, these were the last two models I needed for the final game, so they skipped the line and got painted.

Mounted thug of Slaanesh. 28mm, Dixon Miniatures (almost certainly), paitned by Ginzio

Chaos sorcerer of Slaanesh. 28mm, Citadel miniatures, painted by Ginzio

domenica 21 gennaio 2024

Another Warzone figure

 This week another small step forward  in the Warzone project. I'm starting with the few loose models I got in my last trip to Sentry box in Calgary. I picked up all the models I didn't previously have that I could find, some of them, like the Lutheran of last Warzone post and the Imperial Head hunter of this post, were the only models I found of that specific faction, so I'm getting them "out of the way", before I start painting the units I will actually be able to use.

I happened to previously have traded a lone head hunter, so the model in this post will be part of the same squad, if I ever find more to add.

Imperial Head hunter chieftain. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

Imperial Head hunters. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

domenica 14 gennaio 2024

Reinforcements for Slaanesh

 I recently painted a few more models for my Slaanesh force to use in our Realms of Chaos campaign.

Last year IlVJ was given a few sprues of Mantic figures that he passed to me, the elves I found really ugly, so I tried to give them to someone to paint, but that person returned them to me since he didn't feel like painting them.

After leaving them in a box for a while, I decided I could use some dark elves for Slaanesh, to add more troops to the forces assaulting the city of Praag in our recent games, so the idea of painting these guys in the simplest possible way struck me and I thought that dark elves in black armour with brightly coloured shields would take no time to paint and look decent as Slaaneshi followers, so I forced myself and got these knocked out as quickly as possible.

The result is decent, as a couple of units they don't look too bad and, considering the very low effort required to get them on the table, they were worth a few nights of painting.

Dark Elves of Slaanesh, 28mm, Mantic games, painted by Ginzio

The other entry for this post is a special beastman or mutant of Slaanesh, a mix of spare parts found in my bits box in true old school Chaos style.

Slaangor, beastman of Slaanesh. 28mm, Citadel, converted and painted by Ginzio

domenica 7 gennaio 2024

New year, new Warzone

 Hello everyone, welcome to the first post of 2024.

It probably won't be a surprise, but Warzone surfaces again.

I said in the past that I had painted all I had, but in a way or another, old Warzone figures keep reappearing on my painting table.

I mentioned last year how I traded about 30 old Warzone figures with a friend, but last spring, I also happened to go with a friend to Sentry Box in Calgary, where I found a bunch of old Warzone figures they had, probably from the 90s and they also happened to be half price, so I couldn't afford to leave them there.

So now I have a new lot of about 45 figures to paint, they have all been prepped and will hopefully be appearing in the following months as I paint them.

Most of them are first edition Tribes of Earth which have a very big charm, even back in the days they were not very popular, so if was kind of rare to see them on the battlefield.

The rest is a handful of Brotherhood and other random models, plus a few units and character models of the Dark Legion, an all time favorite of mine, I'm looking forward to work on them.

In the next few weeks you sill see other stuff, fantasy and historical mainly, because I am in the process of closing up some other projects, but then I think I'll start working on Warzone.

For now I just completed a single model.

Lutheran Disciple serjeant with power sickle and sawn off shotgun. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio