domenica 30 giugno 2024

WWII allied troops

 A semi random bunch of WWII allied troops.

This is all I had to paint in term of WWII allied troops in 1/72 scale.

I am slowly going through my WWII stock, so I'm not really working on any specific project, just adding to my various armies.

British Churchill bridge layer. 1/76, Airfix, painted by Ginzio

French FT17 with machine guns, WWI light tanks still used by the French army during WWII. 1/72, Hat industries, painted by Ginzio

US infantry. 1/76, Fujimi, painted by Ginzio

sabato 22 giugno 2024

World War two german armour

 These are the latest German vehicles I painted, a piece of artillery and some tank hunters.

Panzerjager 38(t), Marder III, 1/72, I acquired this model second hand, so I don't know what the manufacturer could be. Painted by Ginzio 

Stug III ausf F and G. 1/72, Trumpeter, painted by Ginzio

sabato 15 giugno 2024

Sci-fi troops for Warhammer 40K and Warzone

 This week we have a small selection of semi-random models I painted for use in Warzone and 40K games, mostly Warzone, since I haven't played a "proper" 40K game in years.

The idea was to have some generic troops to boost the numbers in my Warzone armies, but the mutants were more built and painted as generic troops that could be used in a chaos cult, a genestealer cult or some other for of evil/chaotic army or Warzone Dark Legion.

The "marines" can also be used as Coalition troops for a Rifts RPG.

I'm pretty happy how both units turned out, the marines are from RAFM and were given to me by my friend Cristian years ago, the others are rogue trader imperial guard bodies with early 2000 chaos mutations and marauders bits.

Space marines with heavy weapons. 28mm, RAFM, painted by Ginzio

Renegade mutants. 28mm, Citadel, painted by Ginzio

domenica 9 giugno 2024

A few Dark ages figures

 These are a few old school figures I painted recently, I had a bit of a historical whim, so I chose a few loose models that were not part of any ongoing project, they will just be added to the appropriate (if existing) army.

I got all of these in a trade for painting, and I mostly don't recognize the manufacturer, but they are nice old metal sculpts that will fit in my existing armies.

This was a Carolingian standard bearer from Citadel, but the standard was broken, so I gave him an axe from Gripping Beast, it is a little too big for suck a small old figure, but that's what I had available and will have to do. This model won't be part of any amry and will probably end up being used as a fantasy human of some kind.
Carolingian horseman. 25mm, Citadel, painted by Ginzio

Norman unarmoured milites. 28mm, Unknown manufacturer, painted by Ginzio

Normans of the first crusade. Note the (not too well represented) turban wrapped around the helmet, from which the metal nasal guard sticks out, this was apparently a thing seen in contemporary depictions of knights. I will be adding these two to my Norman army.
Norman crusader knights. 28mm, Unknown manufacturer, painted by Ginzio

sabato 1 giugno 2024

WW2 Germans in 1/72 scale

 These are a few Early war WW2 German vehicles I painted recently.

These received an airbrush base coat last summer in the back yard, so under the direct sun light, they didn't seem so dark, in retrospect, I should have mixed a lighter tone of gray.

The Stugs also suffered from an accident, the enamel wash I used on them failed to reactivate when I needed to clean it up, so I had to heavily drybrush them to try and hide it.

Between the drybrush and the heavy weathering I managed to cover the mistake, I guess they are good enough for the tabletop.

SdKfz 251/10 ausf.a halftrack. 1/76, Fujimi, painted by Ginzio

Stug III ausf C/D and E. 1/72, Trumpeter, painted by Ginzio