domenica 9 giugno 2024

A few Dark ages figures

 These are a few old school figures I painted recently, I had a bit of a historical whim, so I chose a few loose models that were not part of any ongoing project, they will just be added to the appropriate (if existing) army.

I got all of these in a trade for painting, and I mostly don't recognize the manufacturer, but they are nice old metal sculpts that will fit in my existing armies.

This was a Carolingian standard bearer from Citadel, but the standard was broken, so I gave him an axe from Gripping Beast, it is a little too big for suck a small old figure, but that's what I had available and will have to do. This model won't be part of any amry and will probably end up being used as a fantasy human of some kind.
Carolingian horseman. 25mm, Citadel, painted by Ginzio

Norman unarmoured milites. 28mm, Unknown manufacturer, painted by Ginzio

Normans of the first crusade. Note the (not too well represented) turban wrapped around the helmet, from which the metal nasal guard sticks out, this was apparently a thing seen in contemporary depictions of knights. I will be adding these two to my Norman army.
Norman crusader knights. 28mm, Unknown manufacturer, painted by Ginzio

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