domenica 24 settembre 2023

Back from Italy

 I just got back from a quick (way to quick) trip to Italy, I was there for a couple of weeks to see the family and friends I left behind when I moved to Canada.

It was very nice, I ate a lot of pizza and did a bit of tidying up in the pile of stored miniatures, I still had a few primed models left behind from 2016 and I took some with me to paint, but there are more there waiting.

While packing my stuff for the trip, I remembered that I had some 1/72 Hat romans I painted years ago with plain white shields, so I made sure to pack a sheet of decals to fix the problem.

These ate those models

Republican roman triarii with decorated shields. 1/72, Hat industries, painted bv Ginzio

Since I got back I have not painted anything, but I hope to do something this weekend, I am one figure away from being able to post the first part of my new addition to the Badab War project, the loyalist marines I painted in the last year, after those there will be the very very small part of renegades.

As you might have noticed, I decided to drop the double language and just write in English, I feel it doesn't really make any more sense to keep the Italian part, let me know in the comments if you think I should keep it.

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