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Warzone Dark Eden tribe, Crescentians

 I always had a weird fascination for the Earth Tribes, I got in to Warzone towards the end of Second Edition and models were not readily available at the time, even more so the Earth tribes ones.

Last year during a visit to the Sentry Box in Calgary, I found out they still had a bunch of Warzone figures, so I proceeded to get as many as I could and it turned out that most of them were Earth Tribes models.

The Crescentians were the tribe I manage to get almost everything of, I will only need a Prophet and 3 Martyrs to have one unit or character per type, but I am pretty satisfied with what I found.

I started painting these models just over a month ago and it turned out that they are very intricate sculpts with a ton of details, so it took me quite long to complete them, but here they are and I am really happy to have completed them, not I only have to find an excuse to field them in a game or two.

Crescentian tribe ready to take on any opponent.

The brotherhood, the backbone of the Crescentian forces. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

Jihad Infantry, elite forces of the tribe. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

Khan's guard, close combat specialists. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

The Lamented, fire support unit. 28mm, Heartbreaker, painted by Ginzio

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